Frequent reasons of consultation

Parental coaching

Parental coaching is a way to provide tools for parents to overcome an obstacle in their child's education. Frequently, parents are well-intentioned in their parenting, but have behaviors or attitudes that can with their child's temperament or character, cause difficulties in their child. For example, a parent who repeats too much, or who often justifies himself or herself with his or her child before the child is listening, usually is a parent who is loosing his/her parental authority.



Choosing your partner

The choice of our partner depends on how we seek a person with a given attachment style to coplement our attachment. There are three styles of adult attachment: secure, avoidant and anxious. It is important to know our style of attachment and thus know if it is compatible with that of the person we are wishing to develop a relationship with. Non compatible attachments leads to intense and exciting in the moment, but rarely provide the serenity and stability necessary to build a long-term relationship.

Parenting capacity

Evaluation of the parenting capacities is completed in the context of expertise either in the youth court or in the context of child custody in Superior Court. It involves the assessment of various components, such as the parent's capacity to fufill security, stability, stimulation, affection, material, education needs.     

Dre Cloutier, psychologist

Dre Catherine Cloutier, psychologist offers services of psychotherapy for children and adolescents who suffer from anxiety, depression, bullying at school or conflict with siblings. In a systemic approach, she includes the parents to treatment when possible. Parents who bring their children to consultation can be helped to improve their parenting practices. The aim is to give them tools and enhance self-awareness in order to augment their parenting with their child. Parents then feel less stress and are more efficient with their child. In turn, the behavior of their child being more structured improves. This in turn leads to a better parent-child relation. 

As a psychologist, I also offer services of psychotherapy to adults which aim is to work on their emotional distress.  One may find themselves to be helpless and feel that there are no solutions to their life situation. A person's thoughts and behaviors are related and they influence his or her psychological well-being. While I may during this process, use an understanding of events in a person's history, my approach, aimed at change, is focused in the present. Once the psychological impasse has been resolved, it is possible to give a new meaning to one's life in order to take on new challenges. This goal also implies achieving a better balance of life, within a framework aimed at health and psychological well-being on a daily basis. 

Lastly, since 1998, I have evolved in the field of psycholegal  work for the Youth Protection and Superior Courts. Psychological assessments of children, adolescents and adults are part of my work. I have developed an expertise in the assessment of parenting capacities.    

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